Nelson Marlborough LEAN CLUSTER

The Nelson Marlborough Lean Cluster network group are a wonderful mix of people and businesses in a cluster/network.  We like to bring Lean practitioners together. We know many practitioners like to hear from others who are succeeding and experiencing challenges in their own Lean Management implementation.  The Nelson Marlborough Lean Cluster aims to facilitate the sharing of Lean experiences and learning.  Everyone is focusing on the benefits of networking and swapping/sharing ideas, but also on the big picture and the longer term sustainability of our regional businesses.


What is a cluster?

A Lean Cluster is an effective way for businesses to receive support for their Lean improvement work from peers.  A group of engaged Lean practitioners come together to share Lean learning on a regular basis.  The Nelson Marlborough Lean Cluster is facilitated and coordinated by the NRDA, and takes place on-site at a host business.  Each meeting is a full day and involves two host businesses comprising a presentation, a Gemba walk, feedback report and facilitated discussion at each host business.

Who should join the Lean Cluster?

People working in businesses that have started their Lean transformation journey and are looking for regular input, insights and inspiration from others.

What does it involve?

Businesses are encouraged to send a minimum of two people and can send a maximum of four to each meeting (numbers may vary depending on the host businesses health & safety requirements).  Each business will also be required to host a meeting which involves providing a meeting room/space, catering and leading a Gemba walk of their own facility.

How do we start?

The power of such groups and cross-business sharing is hugely valuable to the continuous improvement process and the Lean community is a great one to be a part of.  For more information please contact Mark Maguire on or 03 545 6858.